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The Spanish Greeting Cards are unique and personalized handcraft souvenirs made of delicate pieces of vegetal paper, embossed, pierced, painted and decorated with a wide variety of accesories.

The main attractive of this kind of greeting cards is their original customized design, and the most important aspect of it: the warm feeling such a delicate hand work can inspire.

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Basic elements: Vegetal paper, Glue, Color paper, Gibre,

Tools: Cutters, Carvers, China Ink, Micromarkers, Crayolas, Acrylics.

Accesories: Strass and crystals imitations, Pearls, Feathers, Ribbons, Golden and Silk lace.

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After our customer picks one particular model and suggests the changes to be done on it, the steps are as follows:

Diseņo: The first essential stage starts with the drawing of the design on the piece of Vegetal Paper using white or gold ink markers. After that, if the design requires so, some areas of the design must be embossed or relieved, as well as the lines that need to be remarked, that technique is part of the next step and it's called: repujado.

Repujado: As we said before, it consist of the grooving and carving of the piece of Vegetal Paper from the back of it, the opposite face to the front. It must be done carefully, otherwise the delicate piece of paper breaks too easily. Now we are entering the following step.

Calado: The procedure is such as delicate as the previous one. To pierce and perforate the piece of paper to achieve some fine fabric textures, it requires the apropiate tools and treatment.We deal with an extremely delicate piece of paper.

Coloreado: Now we proceed to paint and mark the surfaces and lines with special China Ink, Crayolas and extra light markers.

Apliques: The Spanish Greeting Card technique is also known for the variety of accesories added upon the surface that gives its unique beauty. We mention just a few: velvet ribbons, feathers, pearls, golden laces, Vegetal Paper extra layers, etc.

Textos: The final step is the personalized text that's written somewhere in the card. If the piece is a two pages model, the text goes on the inner leaf instead of the front leaf or cover. The work is finished when the custom text and style is painted over the piece, every word on it, it's previously chosen by the customer. That's the particularity of the Spanish Greeting Cards, they are 100% personalized.

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There's a wide variety of models, in order to fit the requirements of that special occasions they're designed for. All the Spanish Greeting Cards displayed in our galleries are fully customizable to the clients request, for example, the colors used, the size, the text, etc. That's the main attractive our clients appreciate the most, and that's what they all come looking for. Although there's always a good excuse to give a Spanish Greeting Card, we mention some important dates to have in mind: Birthdays, St. Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, Epiphany, Engagement, Bar Mitzva, Weddings and Anniversaries.

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The prices may vary basically due to the design complexity and size of the card. In general, the costs range from u$s 1.00.- for the simple models up to u$s 5.00.- for the bigger ones.

Each Spanish Greeting Card comes in its own sleeve at no extra cost.

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